Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Today my friends i am here to tell you why exactly are alloy wheels needed!

There may be a question popping in your mind, that what the hell are these allow wheels and how useful is it.

The term alloy wheels is usually given to wheels ‘cast’ from a mixture of aluminum instead of steel, making the tyres light weight even though they’re usually larger in size than the factory fitted steel wheels. They aluminum helps dissipating heat and small amounts of more rigid metals whose presence in the ‘mix’ provides rigidity and helps prevent cracks propagating.

Advantage of replacing your steel wheels with Alloy Wheels:-

Aesthetic value ( beauty , elegance and a sporty look ).

A variety of designs to choose according to your taste.

Light weight ( hence low unsprung weight ) resulting in lower inertia being imparted to the springs while riding over a bump.

Lighter rotational mass improves acceleration , braking and even improves fuel efficiency .

Better road holding ( tyre remains in contact with the running surface longer ).

Better braking ( wheel hop under traction is reduced ).

Longer tyre life because of better heat dissipation (alloy wheels are better conductor of heat). Tyres fitted on alloy wheels are on an average 10% cooler than the normal rims particularly at high speeds. Cooler tyres wear out more slowly.

Reduced and even tyre wear because alloy wheel is invariable and perfectly true.

No corrosion or rust since special aluminium alloys are used .

Perfectly round and balanced hence no wobbling even at high speed.

Completely air tight hence perfectly suitable for modern tubeless tyres.

Enhanced cooling of disks and drums.

Less prone to bending and deformations , hence improved balance retention.

Superior rigidity improves cornering, lateral stability, better steering and handling.

But pls do not use cheap alloy wheels and trust only in branded Alloys like Neo, Aura, MOMO or Enkei.

If you guys and gals have any questions just write in a comment and i will surely reply.




    • Dr. K.V.Chowdary please don’t address me as Sir, i’m just an S.Y.BCom student.

      Dealers never provide alloy wheels, company provides alloy wheels. Company fitted alloy wheels won’t be trendy looking or something jazzy (as you see in the pic on top of this post). They would be simple, sporty and reliable.
      Company fitted alloy wheels are as good as any other branded Alloy wheels.
      Ritz is no exception.

      So leave your worries aside and just go for it!!!!!


    • Maruti dealers supply their own alloy wheels.
      These wheels have a classic/sober look.
      If you want something dashing and funky, buy the car with steel wheels, then replace it with other branded alloy wheels.

  3. Carsandbikesindia, I love the rims on the picture above..,could you tell me the info of those rims, I would love to find out how much they are. Thanks,

    • This post is one of the oldest ones around. I don’t have any info about the rims above, because i just picked it up from Google Images.

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    • Sorry Bill, these days i am a bit too busy with my studies, so i am not enable to post new stuff which have come to my knowledge. But i am glad to know you like my post.

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  7. Dear carsandbikesindia,

    I like the wheels as well. I want to upsize the wheels on my Swift VDI to 15″. I like the Sai Mags design which comes in 5 spokes with bolts inbetween the spokes. They are similar to NEO ICE but NEO ICE dont have bolts like design. The same design is also available in PLATI and HR. So, please tell me if SAI MAGS, HR and PLATI are good brands. They have same market as NEO or not. Thank you in Advance. Navneet.

    • Frankly speaking, neo is a better and more reputed brand than the other three you just mentioned.
      I would suggest you to go with either aura or neo.
      Decision is yours.

  8. where can i get alloy wheels of momo make for maruti ritx vdi in aurangabad?

    • Sorry dude, no idea.

    • Sorry Mr. Arvind, i do not have any idea!

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    • Sorry i’m unable to upload new articles.
      I’m too busy with my studies.
      New articled would start pouring in post mid-May.

    • I am really sorry for not being able to stand upto your expectations.
      I will start publishing posts very soon!!
      I am very happy that you liked my blog!

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  13. can you plizz tell me the contact num and adress of plati dealers in kolkota or delhi

    • Sorry Mr.Bala, i have no idea.

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  15. Can you please recommend the place and brand to buy alloy wheels for the skoda fabia in Bangalore?
    Thank you

    • I would suggest you to go for either Aura or Neo.
      These are very good and reliable brands.
      You can visit their dealers and choose a suitable design.

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    • Reward….
      Just long internet bills!!

      Thank you.
      I’ll surely start writing again.
      My latest post dates to last year!!

  18. i am looking for 14” alloys for my silver micra….i hve no idea about what ‘finish’ is and could u please give me some good company’s and what’s the price i may expect for a 5 wheel set

    • Alloys from Neo are preferable as they are reliable, sturdy and stylish.
      Aura comes with similar reliability and sturdiness of the Neo, but it would prove good, if you want to give your car a sober look, rather than a stylish one.
      I’d suggest MOMO only for sports cars like the Mitsubishi Evo, reason being, these alloys are performance oriented and very expensive.
      A set of 5 Neo alloy wheels should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.17,000*, while a set of 5 Aura alloy wheels should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.20,000*.

      *Figures provided are approximate, itt may vary, but the variation won’t be much.

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  20. i wnt to upgrade my ritz vxi to alloys from my steels.i was in dilemma to go for plati alloys or not i almost decided to go for it but i doubted whether they are strong enough to with stand bumps and dumps on indian roads at higher speeds

    • Plati is the perfect combination of affordability, quality and good designs.
      I have no idea about its reliability.
      I’d suggest you to have a word with its dealer, on topic of reliability of these alloys.
      If the dealer’s answer is positive then you may go for it.

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  35. bonjour, la taille initiale de mes roues est 15pouces ms je vx poser des 20 ou des 19, esce possible? si oui donc porter des montification mecaniques par la suite?

    • S’il vous plaît ne pas continuer avec cette modification.
      Cela se traduira par la qualité de roulement pauvres, une mauvaise manipulation et de très mauvaises performances de votre véhicule.
      20 ou 19 sera trop grand.
      Maximum d’aller devrait être de 16.

      English translation for people who cannot read French.
      Q. Hello. The initial size of my wheels is 15 inches ms vx, I want 20 or 19, is it possible?
      Will mechanical modification be needed?

      A. Please do not continue with this modification.
      This will result in poor ride quality, poor handling and very bad performance of your vehicle.
      20 or 19 will be too big.
      Maximum to go for should be 16.

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  41. Hi This is Nidhin. I would like to start computerzied alloy wheel business.But i have no previous experience. I analysed in market it is good business based on that i plan to start . So pls guide me

    • Hey Nidhin, i do not have much knowledge on this topic. But i’d suggest you to work with some mid or large sized company which is already into this business. This will help you to achieve the required knowledge plus it will improve your contacts in this field. After working for a year or two, you might be capable enough to venture into open seas.
      All the best!!!

  42. Dear Sir

    I am having 2004 model white colour maruthi zen,planning to go for alloy wheels,but i am confussed weather i want to go with 12″ or 13″ please suggest me which one is better because from company it has come with 12″ disc,if i go for 13″ will there will any issue

    • I would suggest you to stick to 12″, as oversized rims could have a long term adverse impact on the vehicle.

  43. sir I want to change my ritz Vdi discs to alloy wheels. please suggest me that are these company fitted discs more stronger and easy to remove bent than alloy wheels? And what is the price range of alloy wheels? I also want to buy rear spoiler for my bakers chocolate ritz

    • Parimal, firstly please do not address me as sir!!!
      Coming to the point, alloy wheels are much much more stronger and do not bend as easily as the company fitted wheel rims.
      A set of 5 Neo alloy wheels set should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.17,000*.
      While a set of 5 Aura alloy wheels should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.20,000*.
      These are two very reputed brands in the industry.
      As for the spoiler, it does not have any practical use. Its just to enhance the looks of your vehicle.
      A black spoiler, or the company fitted chocolate coloured spoiler suits the ritz best.
      To further enhance the looks, i’d suggest you to go for race stripes. They look good on the ritz!!

      *Figures provided are approximate, it may vary, but the variation won’t be much.

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  46. i want to put a tyre of dimension-205/65 R 14 on my vxi alloy wheels .is this tyre size is fitting on that company alloys.or to whic tyre size can i put to make my swift a fat boy look

    • Anuraj, unfortunately i do not think the tyre you mentioned would fit the company fitted alloy wheels.
      For further details, i would suggest you to visit a local mechanic.

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  50. hi,
    i am adhith.. i am going to get a swift vdi … i really want to put alloys wheels for it. can u help me out by replying me which suitable alloy would be preferable for it.. frm the information i got and i have planned to put a R15 and 205 alloy wheel.. is it suitable? will i get any problem if i put it on the car? if i put R16 to it?
    and another query is that if i attach a air filter to the car for changing the sound(engine sound) will it affect the mileage?
    waiting for ur reply…..thank u..

    • Hey Adhith,
      Firstly i must apologize for keeping you waiting for so long…
      205/60 R15 will be good, you can even go for 195/60 R15.
      But don’t go in for R16 else your suspension and other mechanical parts might take some hard beating!!
      Go for any reputed brand, like Neo or Aura. A set of 5 should cost you approx. Rs.18,000 to Rs.21,000.
      Air filter will not only change the exhaust note of your car, but will also improve the fuel economy of your car by a small margin.

      Drive safe. TC.

  51. Good and informative..

  52. I have Maruti Zen 2005 Golden color. I want to put up neo alloys. Can u suggest how much should a set of 5 cost me??

    • Hey Shivam,
      A set of 5 Neo Alloys for your car, should cost you approximately somewhere between Rs.11,000 and Rs.14,000.

  53. sir given the price for set of alloy wheel for zen

    • Hey Gautam,
      A set of 5 Neo Alloys for your car, should cost you approximately somewhere between Rs.11,000 and Rs.14,000.
      If you go for a local brand like Apollo or Sai Mag it should approximately cost you from anywhere above Rs.4,000.

  54. Dear Bro,

    i am shekar .. i have purchased Alto K10 VXI … i really want to put alloys wheels for it. can u help me out by replying me which suitable alloy would be preferable for it.. .. is it suitable? will i get any problem if i put it on the car? if i put R13 to it?

    I have planned to put in MOMO can you please suugest me where in bangalore i can find the dealers for momo Alloy wheels

    • Hey Shekar,
      You won’t face any problem by fitting alloy wheel on your Alto.
      In fact alloy wheels are more beneficial than normal steel rims.
      For further details on its benefits, pls visit

      Upgrading from R12 to R13 is not advisable as the tires may scrape against the cars body when driving with 4 or more passengers.
      It will also drastically shorten the life of your car’s suspension and other mechanical parts.

      Sorry, but i do not have any idea about MOMO dealers in Bangalore.
      And i seriously doubt if MOMO manufactures alloy wheels of Alto’s size.

  55. dear friend, i am ashish . i have done mba & now i want so start my own business of alloy wheels. u know sales. so please give me any idea regarding this ashish joshi , abohar punjab

    • Starting a new business is like venturing into deep seas.
      You have to be good at designing the rims and your price must be lower than premium brands available in the market.
      Advertising on automobiles oriented websites and magazines and a few advertisements in local news paper will make the market aware of the existence of your product.
      Start with a few dealers, give them some incentive to sell your product to their customers and expand your business when you start getting good response!!!

  56. hey dude,
    u seriously r doin a gr8 work here,i doubt is it just ur passion….!!!
    whatever it is hats off to Ur depth of curiosity of sharing Ur knowledge as u mentioned ur just in ur S.Y or may be third
    BTW i ve searchd a lot bout alloys for my swift & found plati alloys most attractive,i dont mind goin for neo but still do u think plati r good enough to go for if i like the design way too much than neo

    • Thanks for your compliments. My reader’s compliments are one of my motivations to write more on this blog.
      Yes, it is just my passion. As of today, you don’t see any advertisements on my blog, so personally there is really no monetary profit by writing here.
      And just for the record, i’ve cleared my T.Y.BCom this year and i am now a M.Com (Part-I) student. 🙂

      Yes, over the past few years Plati Alloys has earned a brand name for itself and it can be termed as a trusted brand in todays market.
      If you like a product from their range i’d say go for it!!
      The durability of their product is as good as that of Neo, so don’t worry.

      Drive safe and always keep your seat belts on!!

      • Hello

        I have booked a Beat Diesel LT and i would like to change to alloy wheels.The wheel size is 14 inch , Tyre size is 165/65/R 14 with tube less tyres.

        I would like to know if i buy NEO alloys 14 inch 5.5 can i use stock tyres with it. Or do i need to change tyre size . If so will it affect the stability or performance of the car.

        The beat diesel tyre size is different from its petrol which was 155/70/R14.

        What is the best and safest option to upgrade to alloys.


      • Manufacturers provide the car with best tire specification suited for it.
        I would suggest you to stick to the configuration of 165/65/R 14 and buy alloy rims which will fit those tires.

  57. This is awesome info.great job. My question is how good are the following brands : Lenso and Hijoin – HRS. I have seen momo and OZ and their build quality is really good along with their looks. Appreciate our help.

    • Lenso is in this business for a long long time, it is a Thai based company, it is a reliable brand.
      Available in the USA and Europe, Lenso is new to the Indian market.
      If i had to buy one, if i liked its design and i think the price is reasonable enough, i would go for it!!

      Hijoin – HRS is another reliable brand based in the UK.
      They have good but limited designs, that is what i found.

      MOMO and OZ are highly reliable and pure performance oriented products. The best the market has to offer.

  58. Heyy.. I just booked a new swift a month ago.. I am getting the Zdi version.. But the problem is I do not like the company fitted mags so much.! I would prefer a better one than that.. Is it possible for me to just change the rims of the wheels? is the difference amount of that going to be more than 5k if I exchange the mags??
    My 2nd question, I am planning to get an additional single coil sub woofer. should I get the box one or should I just buy the sub and then ask my accessories dealer to make a costomized box for the sub?? which one would be cheaper and which is the affordable and best sub woofer you would suggest which could give an o/p to about 1000W??

    • Hello there!!!
      It is very much possible to purchase a new set of alloy wheels for your Swift.
      I don’t know if dealers of alloy wheels exchange rims, but the cost will be definitely more than 5k, but it would be surely worth it!!

      As for your second question, it depends actually, a customised box may turn out to be on the expensive side, but then it depends from dealer to dealer, some might quote a lower price than the readymade box.
      According to me JBL CS1214 CS Series Subwoofer would be most reasonable, where as JBL GT4-15 15″ 1000w Subwoofer would be slightly on the expensive side.
      Also look at other brands available in the market!!

  59. Hello there,

    I own Alto K10VXi car and plan to fit alloy wheels for my car.I plan to use the stock tyres of size 155/65/R13 with HRS alloy wheels.
    The Alloy rim size is R13X 5.5J
    Can we use this rim size in Alto K10 is there any issue of rubbing when there are five people in the car.
    which the best Alloy wheel fitting to Alto K10 by your opinion.

    • I don’t think you need to change the tires and your company fitted tires should be good enough.
      Larger sized tires may cause rubbing when fully loaded.
      Sorry i cannot comment on the last part of your question, for that you will have to visit any dealer who sells alloy wheels and they may bne in a position to give you a clearer picture!!

  60. Hello there,

    I plan to updgrade my old Zen car tyres.
    The stock tyre size is 145/80 R12 and I plan to replace it with
    155/65 R13.
    Is this possible and have any good effect on the car on handling
    road grip etc

    • Increasing the tire size will deteriorate the car’s performance, milage will go south and you expenses towards the north!!
      Such upgrades will hamper other parts of your car and hence it is not recommended to do so.

  61. Hi mate,

    I have a A star, planning to get alloy wheels. Have choices of Neo at about 16.5k, HRS at about 15K and GMax at about 12.5 K. Can you please suggest which one to go for. All of them are for set of 5 tyres.



    • Guru, you must know what you are exactly looking for.
      If you are looking for a cost effective but reliable brand go for either of HRS or GMax.
      If you are looking out for a premium brand than go for Neo.
      Rest assured you won’t have any major issues with any of those brands.

  62. Hi,

    This is the good work you are doing. I can say that your article changed my view on the alloy wheels forever, thanks to you.

    I am planning to purchase Alto K10 in Dec, which has 155/65 R13 tyres. Which I would like to change before delivery to Alloy and with good tyres.

    Please suggest me in this regard.

    Thank you & GOD Bless you.

    • Mr. Raj, thanks for all your wishes!!
      As for your question, i would suggest you to go for either Aura or Neo.
      These are two very good and reliable brands, providing you tension free ownership.
      A set of 5 Neo alloy wheels should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.17,000*.
      While a set of 5 Aura alloy wheels should cost around Rs.16,000* to Rs.20,000*.

      There are also some local brands like Sai Mag which provide good value for money.
      Then there are upcoming brands like HRS and GMax.
      I would personally suggest you to get into the market, check out the designs and prices and finally narrow down on one set of alloys.

      *Figures provided are approximate, it may vary, but the variation won’t be much.

  63. Mojn. Good reading. Looking forward to your next post! 🙂

  64. Hold ’em coming… you all do these a wonderful position at this kind of Concepts… cannot tell you how significantly I, for one particular appreciate all you do!

  65. Good stuff I’ve bookmarked this in Digg under “Alloy Wheels Cars & Bikes in India”. Thanks.

  66. Hi There very nivr blog and this post is very good thank you.i will add you to my rss reader

  67. Sir i m a supplier .so i want to know ur product range & price . Thanks

    • Mr.Sunil, i am a blogger i do not deal in selling or purchasing of alloy wheels.
      Thank you!!

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