Tata Aria at its launch.

Tata Aria at its launch.

The Aria is one of the most awaited car in the year 2010. Finally it was launched on 11th of October. Its the 1st crossover from Tata. And its much much better than any other car offer from the Tata stable.

Aria has length of an MPV, stance of an SUV and comfort of a sedan. All in all a proper crossover.

The Aria has got monstrous dimensions, 4780 mm in length, having a height of 1780 mm and width of 1895 mm. The design of the Aria is just right and the proportions even more so. It looks very attractive and upmarket.

Unboxy rear of the Tata Aria

Unboxy rear of the Tata Aria

I loved the overall design of the car, and how they managed to avoid such tall car from looking boxy, especially at the rear end.

Once in the car, you will find the interiors much better and much much more attractive than any other Tata you’ve been in before!! Fit and finish of the interiors is good, you’ll find a lot of cubbyholes , there are seven mounted on the roof. The top-end version is fully loaded with stuff like satellite navigation, CD changer, bluetooth connectivity, USB/aux-in port, a reverse camera with parking sensors, eight

The Seven Cubbyholders on the roof

The Seven Cubbyholders on the roof

airbags, climate control, cruise control, steering mounted audio controls and for the first time in a Tata vehicle you’ll be finding, an Electronic Stability Program and Traction Control system.

The Aria is incredibly spacious on the inside, all thanks to its dimensions. The seats are spacious and both front and middle row have ample head, leg and shoulder room. It’s just that the third-row passengers might complain about having less space. The idea of having flexible middle and third row seats is well thought off, and perfectly executed. Overall the cabin is attractive.

Spacious Interiors of the Aria

Spacious Interiors of the Aria

The Aria uses the same 2.2-litre DiCOR engine as the Safari giving out 140bhp. But, the big difference here is the engine is a lot more refined. It’s barely audible when you are cruising and impressively quiet and smooth when you’re revving it. Overall the engine performs well but there is a bit of lag which can be easily dismissed with a downshift. The Aria doesn’t have the instant low rev responsiveness but it does have a broader powerband.

The ride is very much impressive. The Aria absorbs almost everything our Indian roads have to throw at it. The absorbent ride leads to a false feeling of floatiness at higher speed.  But make no mistakes, the smart 17-inch wheels

Flared Wheel Arches and huge tires of the Aria

Flared Wheel Arches and huge tires of the Aria

and the huge 235 section tyres give it all the grip it requires. There is a bit of body roll though. But it’s not disconcertingly so and the on-demand all-wheel drive system makes it feel surprisingly surefooted. If you are a planet lover, there is also a 4×2 mode where the front axle is decoupled helping improve fuel-efficiency.

The Aria is a serious alternative to the hugely accomplished Toyota Innova. It may not handle as good as the Innova, and Innova may have interior quality higher to that of the Aria, but the Aria rides better, has a more powerful engine, has much more features than the ones offered in the Innova and obviously it looks much much better!!!

The Aria is priced at Rs 12.91lakh for the base, which goes up to Rs 15.5lakh for the fully-loaded variant.

If you guys and gals have any questions just write in a comment and i will surely post a reply.



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