TVS Apache 160 RTR Fi

TVS Apache 160 RTR Fi

TVS Apache 160 RTR Fi

Hey Chintan,

I read your comment and i personally think that the New TVS Apache 160 RTR Fi should be the one for you to buy. As you can see in the picture above the looks are superb, the new Fi Technology should give you an improved mileage of atleast 48kmpl-52kmpl. And the price too is within your budget, so this bike should be the one.


If you guys and gals have any questions pls write a comment and i will surely post a reply.



  1. Hey Sash,
    Your blog is very nice and i think it would be very popular soon.
    Anyway i wanted to buy a sedan, mu budget is 7,00,000. I want looks good millage, low maintainance, and a fun to drive car.
    Pls help me out.

  2. my bike apache rtr160 Fi doesn’t give the mileage in the Kathmandu Nepal road. why is it. it give only 20 or 22 km/liter

    • Maybe its the weather conditions in your area which effects the efficiency of your bike.
      Plus your riding manners also matter a lot!
      I can only suggest you to visit the nearest Authorized TVS Service Station, and get your bike checked!

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